Public & Environmental Law

The Firm advises private clients, including investment funds and family offices, in their relationship with the Public Sector. In addition, the team also provides advisory services to public administrations, public companies and other public sector organizations.

The team has a comprehensive knowledge of the functioning of the public sector and its regime of responsibilities, which is an essential requirement for advising private clients in all possible interactions with the Administration, including contentious-administrative procedures.

The group also provides advice to the Administration, both in planning and drafting of regulatory projects as well as in its interactions with other administrations and private parties. 

The Public and Environmental Law Group of practice comprises the following specialized sub-areas:

Administrative procedures

The team advises and represents private clients in administrative procedures before the Administration, including the processing of licenses, administrative authorizations and sanctioning procedures. In this sense, the team has advised on different operations in obtaining business licenses for companies in the hotel and commercial sector. It also represents clients in administrative sanctioning procedures and in requests for financial liability against the Administration.

Contentious-Administrative Procedures

In Public Law, clients are faced with litigation that requires broad technical expertise. Our Public and Environmental Law team regularly advises administrations and other public law entities, as well as individuals, in disputes related to urban planning, public procurement, administrative authorizations of activities and sanctioning regimes, among others.

Public Procurement

The Firm advises private clients on public procurement, including the filing of claims and appeals against awards. It also provides advice to concession holders in the execution of their contracts.

Urban Planning

The team is highly specialized in urban planning, providing advice on the different phases of the urban planning process: adoption of General Management Plans; partial and special plans; compensation boards, reparcelling and complex grantings of urban planning licenses. The group’s main clients belong to the tourism, energy and commercial sectors, rendering recurrent advice to developers and constructors in this area. They are also engaged in urban planning discipline procedures, including the restoration of legality of urban planning and sanctioning. Our team advises in contentious-administrative procedures in this field, defending the interests of public and private administrations. 


The team has a multidisciplinary, very technical approach in the environmental and sustainability area, collaborating with other professionals in issues related to obtaining environmental licenses, waste management, water and soil pollution, geological risk management, etc. Any environmental contingency, which may have a financial impact for the client, will be assessed in order to be minimized and eliminated. This is also extended to due diligence processes previous to the acquisition of real estate assets. The team has also provided advice in the drafting of environmental regulatory projects.