Recent Deals

Markets&Financial Services

CONFIDENTIAL (LUXEMBOURG FUND): Advice to the purchaser in the acquisition of a retail and online company. Economic interest: more than €50M.

CONFIDENTIAL (GERMAN LISTED COMPANY): Advice to the purchaser in the acquisition of a touristic company. Economic interest: confidential.

CONFIDENTIAL (AMERICAN FUND):  Advice to the purchaser in the acquisition and development of a real estate project. Economic interest: more than €25M.

CONFIDENTIAL (BANKING ENTITY): Advice to the purchaser in the acquisition of a consumer credit company. Economic interest: confidential.

CONFIDENTIAL (REGULATOR IN LATAM): Legal advice in relation to the drafting and development of the new securities regulation in the jurisdiction. Economic interest: n/a.

CONFIDENTIAL (FAMILY OFFICE): Legal advice to a family office in a secured lending financing for the acquisition of listed shares in a major Spanish bank and the refinancing of a loan for general funding needs. Economic interest: €17,5M.

CONFIDENTIAL (REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FUND): Legal advice in the tailor-made financing of a real estate project consisting of the design, construction of luxury-branded residences with a major Spanish bank. Economic interest: €72M.

CONFIDENTIAL (MAJOR SPANISH BANK): Legal advice in successive project financings in favor of a Spanish Sociedad Anónima Cotizada de inversión Inmobiliaria (SOCIMI), the Spanish form of Real Estate investment trusts, for the acquisition and refurbishment of ten (10) residential buildings in Spain. Economic interest: €49M.

CONFIDENTIAL (SPANISH BANK): Legal advice in relation to the financing of the purchase and CAPEX investment of a hospital in Spain by an investment platform aimed at assets within the health care sector. Economic interest: €16M.

CONFIDENTIAL (SPANISH BANK): Legal advice in the refinancing and new financing for envisaged investments in favor of a developer-focused in corporate buildings and in the rehabilitation of buildings in the tertiary sector. Economic interest: €20M.


CONFIDENTIAL: Tax advice to a foreign real estate fund in relation to its investment structuring and the development of its activities in Spain. Economic interest: approx. €40M.

CONFIDENTIAL: Tax-related advice in respect of a restructuring project of a multinational group with the involvement of a Spanish subsidiary company of the group.

CONFIDENTIAL: Tax advice on the contribution of Real Estate assets for an approx. value of €150M to a SOCIMI (REIT).

CONFIDENTIAL: Tax advice to a foreign investor within the framework of one of the main real estate investments in Barcelona.

CONFIDENTIAL: Tax-related advice on several aspects in connection with a restructuring process of a family-owned wealth.

CONFIDENTIAL: Tax advice in the corporate restructuring of family-owned holding companies with several family branches and generations subject to strict familiar protocol. Holding company with participation in companies of the hotel industry, real estate, capital risk, and finance sector. Economic interest: aprox. €33M.

CONFIDENTIAL: Legal advice within audit proceedings followed against a non-resident with real estate investments in Spain.

Litigation & Arbitration

CONFIDENTIAL (FINANCIAL ENTITY): Legal defense of a financial institution in a proceeding to declare the invalidity of an interest rate swap (IRS). Economic interest: more than €32M.

CONFIDENTIAL (FINANCIAL ENTITY): Legal representation of a financial institution to claim stock and bond losses after banco popular (a Spanish bank) was acquired by a larger entity. Economic interest:  more than €2M.

CONFIDENTIAL (FINANCIAL AGENCY): Legal defense in a proceeding against a former shareholder and several employees for unfair competition. Economic interest: n/a.

CONFIDENTIAL (FINANCIAL AGENCY): Legal defense in a proceeding against a former partner to have him excluded from the company for breaching the partners’ agreement. Economic interest: n/a.

CONFIDENTIAL (LOGISTICS SERVICE PROVIDER): Legal advice in a contract termination of logistics services due to a breach of contract. Economic interest:  more than €2M.

CONFIDENTIAL (LEADING MULTINATIONAL IN HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES): Legal defense in a proceeding to establish liability of a defective product. Economic interest: n/a.

CONFIDENTIAL (REAL ESTATE GROUP): Legal advice and defense after relevant circumstances, which had not been disclosed by the seller, were known following the signature of a contract of sale. Economic interest: more than €3M.

Real Estate

CONFIDENTIAL: The firm has advised a Mexican based family office during the due diligence process of several offices buildings belonging to a Spanish SOCIMI in Madrid. The advice has included the acquisition of several plots in Valencia. Economic interest: confidential.

CONFIDENTIAL:  The firm is advising a USA fund with several aspects in connection with residential development projects in Spain. Economic interest: confidential.

CONFIDENTIAL: Legal advice to an Israeli real estate fund on several aspects in connection with (i) the corporate structuring, (ii) the process of due diligence and acquisition of several plots in Spain. Economic interest: confidential.

CONFIDENTIAL: Advice of a Hong Kong-based family office that has incorporated a flagship building in Barcelona, Spain as a part of its portfolio of assets. The client intends to design, construct and furnish luxury residences with approximately 250 units and to engage a leading hotel brand to operate the residences. Economic interest: confidential.

CONFIDENTIAL:  Legal advice in connection with the acquisition of several buildings in Madrid, Spain by several investors of one of the market leaders in the Spanish investment management and alternative investments, private equity and one of the largest value-added investors in the Spanish property sector. Economic interest: confidential.

CONFIDENTIAL: Legal advice to several local family offices related to the acquisition and construction of several buildings at the technology district -22@- in Barcelona. Economic interest: confidential.