Special Situations, Restructurings & Insolvencies

Cases&Lacambra’s Special Situations team is a multidisciplinary and cross-border team that provides advice in the context of critical transactions that are key to the continuity of both regulated and non-regulated companies.

Our advice covers not only to advise on distressed transactions of situations but also to the search for integral solutions with a 360º view of the law, with special attention to the key events and levers that can lead to the success or failure of a key transaction, including bridge loans, debt extensions, the use of financial derivatives for the transfer of credit risk and equity swaps, mezzanine loans, alternative financings, rescues & bail outs, restructurings and company sale processes.

In insolvency situations, Cases&Lacambra assists its clients in all phases of the insolvency proceedings, from the setting of credit priorities and waterfalls to reinstatement actions, bankruptcy agreements and the winding-up of companies and the sale of business units. In all cases we deal with potential liabilities of directors and management of the companies.