We advise our clients, financial entities and private clients, in how to avoid potential litigation, trying to settle involved in an efficient and anticipated manner any dispute in which they are involved.

If the litigation is unavoidable, we prepare and design specific representation and procedural strategy, safeguarding from a business perspective, the interests of each of our clients, through judicial and arbitral proceedings, always trying to reach agreements to resolve the conflict.

Some of the professionals of our litigation team regularly act as designated arbitrators by well-known arbitration institutions, at a national and international level.

Banking Litigation

Our clients face very complex litigation procedures that require a high level of specialization of the banking and finance regulation.

Our banking litigation team regularly advises credit institutions in claims and controversies relating to structured products and complex financial derivatives.

Commercial Litigation

Our advice is targeted at covering the specific needs of our Clients: companies operating in the main sectors of the economic in which conflicts related to commercial trading is an interested part of their activity and individuals with problems in relation with the management, expansion, winding-up or succession of their estate.

Litigation is increasingly becoming more sophisticated. It is for this reason that our litigation team considers even the smallest details in matters affecting the litigation case: getting to know the Client defining the strategy, selecting and preparing writs to court, evidence and the defense of the Client’s position in court.

Corporate Disputes

Shareholding conflicts can seriously affect business performance of companies. Our professionals act in defense of the minority and the majority shareholders in the resolution of their conflicts. Their practice also extends to the exercise and defense of individual and social liability actions against the company’s directors, in respect of the exercise of their office and the performance of their duties.