| Events | October 2019 | Cases & Lacambra in the IBA Seoul |

Once again, Cases & Lacambra attends the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association (IBA), held in Seoul. This international meeting gathered around nearly 6,000 experts from the legal world from more than 130 countries.

The main target of this international legal forum is to get to know the challenges facing lawyers in the coming years or to share best practices in order to learn new systems or ways of practicing law. In addition, it is a perfect place for law firms from different parts of the world to get to know each other, share experiences and to find different ways of collaboration, contributing to the improvement of the profession.

During the 264 sessions celebrated, the different speakers dealt with different technical and organizational aspects of the legal world. The different sessions served as a meeting point to discuss the search for solutions to a series of problems faced by modern society, such as the refugee crisis and human rights issues.

Among the guests were public figures such as the mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, a former human rights lawyer, who participated in the opening ceremony.

Cases&Lacambra participated once again with a representation of its partners, who were able to get to know the challenges of the legal sector, as well as to meet both local and international lawyers. In addition, they were invited by Korean law firms, where they were able to share different experiences.

The International Bar Association (IBA) was established in 1947 and is the largest bar association in the world with approximately 80,000 lawyers present in more than 170 countries and encompassing more than 190 bar associations worldwide.

It is an international organization formed by lawyers, law firms, bar associations and law associations of different nationalities, influencing the reform of International Law and shaping the future of the legal profession worldwide.