| Events | April 2023 | «Debate on Housing Policies in the Community of Madrid» |

On April 26, Marta González-Llera, partner of Real Estate in Cases & Lacambra, led the meeting on Housing Policies in the Community of Madrid, which was organized together with the Asociación de Gestoras de Vivienda.

During her speech, the partner of the Firm highlighted the importance of this conference as “a center of debate and analysis of the best proposals and analysis to contribute to the strengthening of housing, which is crucial for a more solid economic recovery in our country.”

The event took place at Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid and was attended by the Secretary of Housing of Partido Popular, José María García Gómez; the Member of Más Madrid in the Madrid Assembly, Jorge Moruno Danzi; the Member of PSOE in the Madrid Assembly, Cristina González Álvarez; the Member of VOX in the Madrid Assembly, José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé and the Podemos candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Alejandra Jacinto Uranga.

In the debate, the positions defended by the different political forces were discussed, as well as the action plan proposed by the AGV to find a solution.

Nearly 90 guests from the main housing companies and managers in our country attended this conference.